Chelsea Ritter's DCP Blog

About Me

Hi! Welcome to my DCP Blog, where you can follow me as I jump with both into the Wonderful World Of Walt Disney. Follow along with my adventures while participating in the Disney College Program.

Im Chelsea Ritter. I was accepted to participate in the 2016 Fall Advantage Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. I will be in the role of Merchandise and will find out my specific location when I move in on May 23, 2016!

My goals of this DCP blog is to provide a comprehensive walk through of the application process, provide various informational resources and outline my experiences as a DCP participant. I want this blog to be a resource to future DCP-ers as well as serve as a place for me to document my adventures through out the program.

To learn more about me and my DCP Journey feel free to follow me on social media: Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook! I will also be Snapchatting my adventures, add me: c.ritter.

P.S. I was lucky enough to spend my 21st birthday in Walt Disney World with my family, so many of the picture feature me in my birthday crown and button. No, I did not wear this all the time. It just seems as though a majority of the pictures I have been choosing to put on here are from my birthday. I guess since it was our first day in the parks of the two weeks we spent there, we took the most pictures that day. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my Disney adventure!