The End of my Disney Journey

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Two weeks have passed since my time at the Disney College Program came to an end. The purpose of this blog was to document the experience, as I went, ideally weekly. Well, anyone can see that my goal was not achieved. What my lack of posts does allude to is the days filled with irreplaceable memories from my time at Disney. Life truly was the bubbles at Disney World. Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything about my program. From move in day, to departure day, there was something new learned each and every day. The program allowed me to grow personally and professionally, further discover who I am and what I want.

Disney College Program Last Day

Adventure Was Out There

The months in between posts were filled with adventures, too many to dive into here, but were – for the most part – documented via snapchat. As I stated early in my blog posts I used Snapchat as a medium to document and save snapshots of the very best of days spent as Disney. I still plan to mesh all those snippets of videos into one to remember my Disney days by.


Again, Again, Again!

While I wouldn’t change anything I did, the one thing I would have made a slight alteration to would be to go to the parks, resorts, explore Orlando more frequently during the beginning of my program. While I went to the parks my fair share of the time, I could have gone much more. As the program neared the end, I found myself with a list of things I wanted to do (see my bucket lists here) but didn’t get to. I recommend anyone starting the program to go into it with a bucket list, let it be whatever length you wish, but make a goal to mark something off at least once a week. Don’t let “being tired from work” or any other excuse keep you from going to the parks and making the most of the days you have there.

Disney College Program Graduation

Solo Visits

I often used the excuse, I have no one to go to the parks with as an excuse to not go. Don’t fall victim to this. One day I went to the parks by myself to conquer some, late, Christmas shopping but ended up being able to ride numerous rides. Guess what- getting fast passes for one is so much easier than a group! Stroll around the park, enjoy the atmosphere, the sights, people watch! Those are moments us cast members have the luxury of experiencing. We don’t have to rush to fit everything in one day or one vacation. Take the time to soak in the little things.

Side note: Doing the Fall program means you’re not home for Christmas but that means you can Christmas shop after the busy rush! Hit up Cast Connection and Property Control!!

No Goodbye is an Easy Goodbye

No matter how many blogs you read, videos you watch or alum you talk to, there is no preparing yourself for the last night working, the last midnight Ale House trip or those drawn out goodbyes. The people you live with become more than roommates, and the people you see at work every day become more than coworkers. They become a part of you. They become family, lifelong friends, despite however many miles may separate you. The Mouse brought you together, the memories and long days working and playing keep you together.

Disney College Program


Just Do It!

If I could tell anyone considering the Disney College Program or even someone who doesn’t know about the program one thing, it would be to do it. Apply! Do the Disney College Program. Know what you’re getting yourself into but do it.

I feel confident when I say that after participating in the Disney College Program, being able to put the Walt Disney Company on my resume that it has helped me immensely. Having a fortune 100 company on your resume is something that has helped me stand out in the job search. The things I learned working for the Walt Disney Company will carry over into future jobs I will hold. I will forever knock before entering a door, and point with two fingers.