Two Months Later…

Well my goal of posting often on here has failed. Two months since the last post here I am. Time is flying by, while the days seem long when your working long shift, the weeks fly by. Something unique about doing the fall advantage program is that you have the opportunity to meet cps from spring advantage and spring who extended as well as the international college programmers who are here during the summer only. With this being said, you also have to say goodbye to them.

Last week was the first week that ICP and other cps began to leave. Coming into the program I didn’t expect to become so close to those who I work with. Those cps leaving means new ones will be coming in soon, which is exciting.

CP Gap

Those cps who leave are not immediately replaced though. What is known as the CP gap is when those who have left have yet to be replaced. There are about two weeks between the point where new CPs are ready to be on the floor scheduled normally and the others leaving. This means that the amount of hours I got increased. I went from 32 on average a week to upper 40s. Other job locations are in the upper 50s. It just depends are the location and needs. Many people are also getting deployed to other locations for a week or two. Deployment just means that they are temporarily working at another location. During this time, early releases are all getting denied and finding people to take or trade your shifts around is difficult.


Disney Learning has commenced. Today was the second time that my Disney Leadership Seminar class met. This seminar so far, is an overview of leadership methods that Disney uses. There are activities and discussions as well as lecture segments. Thus far there has not been anything about what the different leadership roles at Disney entail or methods of getting into the leadership side of the company.


Park visits, lots of food, multiple birthday celebrations, beach trips and other adventures have filled any spare time that I have had. I think the fact that i went two months without a post speaks to the fact that i’ve kept a packed schedule. While there has been so many things that I have done thus far, there is still the majority of my bucket lists that I haven’t even thought about.

The goal is to not wait two months before the next post and to continue to mark things off of my bucket lists.