I’m Happy, Happy, Happy!

One month into the program and I am happier than ever! This program, this expierence is proving to be everything I hoped it would be. The Disney College Program is continuing to open so many doors for my future, providing me with what will be life long friendships and loads of memories to last a lifetime!

In between working, getting to visit the parks, hang by the pool and enjoying all that orlando has to offer, I know that I am building the foundation for what could be a career within the company.

The leaders and coordinators in Zone 1 Disney Springs are fantastic and so are my co-workers. I started off a little disappointed with not being in a park, but I have grown to love it and see that being placed in Disney Springs was ideal. The hours aren’t long, and it is the closest to the apartments!

In light of everything that has happened in Orlando the past week, I am truly grateful to be here and to be able to have this expierence of working for the mouse. I am even more aware of the opportunity that the Disney College Program is for me and the importance of live in the here and now. I am honored to work for such a company as Disney who have stood up and supported Orlando so strongly.

Thus far, the best part of working for the mouse is getting to interact with the guests each and everyday. Getting to pin trade with the little ones, wish people happy birthday, or congratulations on whatever there celebrating is amazing. It is always fun to get to hear about someones vacation and a little bit of there story as I help them on their way. Just last night there was a family, mom, dad and two sons who were beginning to pin trade. I noticed the boys had celebration pins on, they were celebrating being adopted!! You could see the joy on their faces when I mentioned it. It is those moments that make Disney great. Bringing families of all shapes, and sizes together in a happy place.

Right now, this is where I know I am supposed to be. This is where I am happy, Disney is my  happy place and the Disney College Program has made that even more true.