First Week: Training

donald training

This past week has been filled with firsts; first day of being a cast member, first park day with the roomies, first training day and many other things. I have managed to visit Disney Springs, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Epcot multiple times. (Animal Kingdom is tomorrow!) I had traditions, and two days of training on site.

nametag trainingTraditions

Traditions was a long day but a fun exciting day. It began with going over the four keys: Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. There were a few surprises throughout the day as well. This is also when we all got our name tags! During traditions you walk around Magic Kingdom at a rather quick pace so wear comfortable shoes and light clothing because it was HOT!

On Site Training

The onsite training included “Our Town,” which talked about Disney Springs in general and where we got our costumes.”Tier 1″ of training started today and included a general overview of my location. This was todays training. I got to see my workplace up close, in my costume (pictures to come!); I saw the stock rooms or as we call them “backstage.” I will have multiple other days of training at my location before I am on my own. Until then I get to where a red ribbon that says “earning my ears.”


As a cast member, i’m sure you know, park admission is free! In order to get into the parks you get a main gate pass to get in. This doesn’t come until a week or so into your program so while your waiting you have to go to guest relations for two days after Traditions to get in and then you have to use your Blue ID after that. But the details to get in is not ironed out or communicated very well so just wing it. Thats what we all did.  We do get to use fast passes which is great! Cast members do not get to use extra magic hours.

As someone who has visited the parks prior to beginning my program, I feel like I training star warsam relatively knowledgable about the parks but there are areas where I am lost. For example: Star Wars. I have never seen those movies. I meet a character though and this picture clearly exemplifies the fact that I know nothing about Star Wars. I also need to learn more about the layout of Disney Springs and pin trading like ASAP!