Check In Day!

check in casting


Yesterday, May 23, was check in day for my fall-advantage Disney College Program! This included checking in at my housing complex, Chatham, finding out what building and apartment I am in, meeting my roommates, moving in and check in dad and igoing to Casting where I found out my work location. The two days prior to check in were spent driving from central Kentucky with my dad. Father daughter bounding time! We stayed in the All Star Movies resort Sunday night and had dinner at Trails End in Fort Wilderness.

My Apartment

I was placed in a 4 bedroom, 8 person apartment on the first floor! This means that I am sharing a room with one person and a bathroom with three others! The rooms are relatively small, think dorm, but the closets are walk ins with plenty of storage. Yay! The living space in the apartment is spacious and there are two fridges, thank goodness. There are also multiple extra closets and storage spaces throughout the apartment and a large half bath in the shared space.

I also got my roomies I requested to live with! And three randoms were placed with us. So far everything is going great!


At casting I got my work location. I will be working at Disney Springs in Marketplace Co-Op. If your like me i did not exactly know what this was, so here is a run down. It is like a giant store with mini speciality stores inside. So I got an inside location. Also, Disney Springs is one of the closest locations to Chatham which means a shorter commute to and from work!

check in locationAt casting I also was able to find out when I have traditions which is Friday afternoon. This is where i will get my blue ID which allows me access to the parks! I don’t start training until Monday so I have Saturday and Sunday to play in the parks!

Casting is also the place where you do fingerprints for your background check. For most people this process is short and sweet, unless your like me and they can’t get your pinky to print! I guess from where I recently had surgery on that pinky and they cut on the bottom of it, my fingerprint is funny and wouldn’t work. They never got it to go so I have no pinky in their records!


Today, Tuesday and Thursday are also free days for me. Some of my roommates are off and some have casting today or their housing meetings today. (Mines tomorrow.) Everyone had different check in times, casting times, traditions times, housing meeting times and training times dependent on their role and however Disney decides to do what they do.

Game Plan

My plan is to snapchat throughout my whole program and save my story at the end of each day. Since snapchat saves it into a video, I want to compile them all together and create a movie of my adventures in my Disney College Program. Add me on snapchat to follow along at: c.ritter!