I Graduated!

Graduated hands in air

Somehow I managed to go 2 weeks without posting anything on here. Oops. In my defense the past two weeks flew by and were quiet eventful. The biggest event was that I graduated college! I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. Of course with graduation comes decorating my cap! I decided to go with “Life is the Bubbles, Disney Bound” with green, blue, purple and pink jewels. Actually decorating my cap took forever and oodels of super glue! (I only ran out twice before finishing it.) Graduated, jewels

To any of you who might be getting ready to decorate your graduation cap, first of all, Congratulations!, but second I warn you that cutting out the hole in the paper to fit around the thingy that your tassel hooks on is a pain in the a$$! For me that was by far the hardest part of decorating my cap, behind actually choosing what design to do.


My Cap Decorating Tips:

For anyone getting ready to decorate there caps, here are my tips: I suggest doing your design on paper. This way if you were to mess up, you could start over. With that being said, first cut the paper to the size of your cap. If your cap is like mine, the hole is not perfectly center, ugh, so make sure to mark which side is the top when your cutting your paper. After I cut mine I had enough paper to practice making the hole. Do this! I traced around a penny which conveniently was the same size as the center thingy with a box cutter. Be careful to not cut yourself, please.

I Graduated with cap

From there go crazy with your decorations! I suggest laying it all out to make sure what you want is going to fit, but if that is not your style, by all means just wing it! O and I suggest buying more super glue than you think you need to put your decorations on your cap (since you can always return what you do not use) or you could end up like me and run out multiple times and have to stop working on your cap. I glued down all of my letters to my paper and all the jewels since the paper was glittery and the letters would not stick to it. I also just super glued the paper to the cap. I found that the best super glue was the gel control glue rather than the regular super glue since the gel stayed in place better and didn’t just run everywhere.

All of that aside, I definitely urge anyone who is graduated and who is able to decorate their cap to do so. Your family will be able to spot you in the sea of other graduates and it lets you express yourself, your journey or your future plans. Go crazy, be bold and add some sparkle!