Bucket List

bucket list: bruce

One of the first things many people do when they first get into the Disney College Program is create a bucket list of what they hope to do, see, expierence, accomplish while they are at Disney. I have yet to create a comprehensive bucket list for my DCP Adventure, but one think that I definitely want to try to make use of all these snapchat filters that Oh My Disney confirmed with the parks as being official Disney Geo-Filters!

A few other things for my Bucket List include:

  • four parks in one day
  • ride all the mountains in one day
  • meet and greet with all the characters
  • the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream
  • Find hidden Mickeys throughout the parks and resorts
  • resort hop to all the resorts on property

For a comprehensive bucket list click¬†here. I aim to complete as many of these things as possible! I am sure that I have missed many things on this list and that there will be things that I do that aren’t on this list that I should have added.

This adventure is going up fast and I could not be more excited! Three weeks from tomorrow I will be checkin in to my program.

A little update on the logistics of it all, I recently received an email with a bunch of new hire paperwork. This included things such as direct deposit information for paychecks, and general information about working for the Disney company like the disney look and such. It was quiet a lot and overwhelming, especially the tax information, but exciting because its beginning to feel so much more real then it did a few weeks ago!