Graduation Cap Design

Graduation pooh party

As move in day for my Disney College Program nears, so does Graduation day! 20 days until graduation, and 29 days until DCP checkin day!

With graduation day comes getting to decorate my graduation cap! This is rather exciting since I did not get to design my cap for high school graduation. Choosing the design and the quote and the colors and all is rather hard. I have been pinning numerous graduation caps and quotes and such on Pinterest that I like, but I have yet to find one specific design that I want to execute. I do not want to copy anyones design but I was hoping for some sort of direction. At this point, I have narrowed it down to four different quotes:

  1. Theres a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: This quote is from Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom and i feel as tho it is a great tie between moving forward in life and Disney. I found a cap design that I really like thats simple and clean. graduation cap
  2. I’m Working for the Mouse: This one could be fun to do! I could include Mickey mouse and make it all red, yellow, black and white. Polka dots, stripes, jewels or something would work with this one. Maybe even Mickey’s shorts on half the cap?
  3. To Infinity and Beyond: Everyone knows this quote from Toy Story. I am a definite fan of Pixar and Toy Story in general and this quote ties in the future quite well. I could run with the green and purple that is used so much with Buzz Lightyear.
  4. Life is the Bubbles: My favorite Disney movie is hands down The Little Mermaid. This quote comes from the scene where Sebastian is singing Under The Sea. I could use red, purple and green jewels around the quote!

Graduation is exciting, but knowing I get to move to Disney a week later is equally exciting. This is truly a new chapter in my life, moving from one place to another, literally. Making a decision on the design of my graduation cap makes it even more real than it is and I love the fact that I can incorporate Disney into Graduation. Decision to come!