Rumors About the DCP

Minnie and Mickey Apples

Rumors about the DCP swirl around the internet, confusing soon to be DCP-ers about what’s what. But this article from Theme Park Tourist, debunks many of the rumors flying around about the program.

It discusses everything from who gets to the Web Based Interview, to the price of rent being too much or whether or not the program hold any relevancy to your major.

Personally, the relevancy of the program to your major and career stood out to me. I know that the Disney College Program is an amazing opportunity but I think when you tell someone that your doing the DCP after you graduate, they’re hesitate as to how they should react. I have been asked whether I am going to be a princess, now this was by 8 year olds but still, adults asked me specifically what i am going to be doing.

Long Term Benefit

When I excitedly tell them merchandising, or retail essentially, they seem as though the do not think that a merchandising position is where a recent college graduate should be aiming to go. I wish the perks of participating in the Disney College Program were more easily communicated. I’m quite aware of the networking, resume building and personal growth opportunities available with the DCP that make it impossible to duplicate. The article discloses the potential for moving up in the company and how those who have finished college already have a better chance of moving up. This is exciting to me. As I have expressed before, moving up to full time, in a position that relates more directly to my area of study, advertising, would be ideal.

Do I Bring a Car?

The other rumor that stuck out to me was the fact that you should definitely bring a car. This rumor has actually been addressed on the Facebook Page as well. It is very controversial. Personally, I will be taking my car because I financially can and I believe that having a car will be beneficial. Many of the reasons that people say that you should bring a car is because of the bus transportation system that Disney has in place to get you to and from work and your apartment can be unreliable. Also, the buses don’t go to the grocery stores or to universal or the beach. If your planning on exploring more of Orlando or Florida in general then a car might be the best bet. On the other hand, if financially bringing a car would be troublesome, the bus system is said to be manageable. It might just mean getting up earlier or getting home later and would require you to plan more than if you hand your car.

There are many resources such as this rumor busting article out there which have provided helpful insight to the DCP expierence. Stay tuned for more of my favorites!