Perks of the DCP

epcot ball and monorail

The perks of participating in the DCP are numerous. The ability to learn, earn and live on Disney property is discussed throughout the Disney College Program website.


The DCP grants participants the opportunity to take classes based around the Disney Company. While I will not be taking anything for credit, I do want to take a seminar or two in order to learn as much as I can about the company. The classes are a great way to also network, which is another perk of the DCP. While at DCP, participants can set up meet and greets with anyone within the company. As I have stated in a previous post, I will be setting up a meet and greet with someone within Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group.


The opportunity to work for the Walt Disney Company is a perk all in its own. Being able to walk away at the end of the program with Walt Disney Company on your resume opens many doors all in its own. The fortune 100 company is known for its excellence and the cast members are held to high expectations. Potential employers post DCP, recognize this. Also, the perk of getting paid to be in the most magical place on earth is a perk!


Living on Disney Property is also a perk quiet unique to the Disney College Program. While staying in hotels is an expierence all in its own, living on Disney Property in apartments surrounded by other DCP-ers is unique. This might be viewed as a non-perk by some, but I foresee it being a perk. Transportation to and from work is provided from the apartments. The apartments also include pools and other amenities, not to mention the expierence of living with roommates and the memories that will come from the time spent at the DCP.


Aside from the Learn, Earn and Live perks of the DCP there are many others. Some things that come along with participating in the DCP include opportunities to volunteer with “VoluntEars.” While I do not know much about this currently, I do know that they are focused on bettering the community around them. There projects vary but always strive towards a better tomorrow.

Park Entry:

DCP participants also get into the parks for FREE! Now, I don’t know about you but Unlimited Disney park access for seven months? Sign Me Up! You don’t just get to go to the parks like a regular visitor but theres also cast member only events such as a preview of a new attraction that happen every so often. (I’m hoping to see lots of new things open since there are so many new attractions in the works right now.) I’ve also heard that you get to see rides with the lights on, like Space Mountain! Im hoping to see that too. The Cast Member entry to parks does have some black out dates, like Christmas Day but all of the blackout dates can be found here:¬†

Guest Passes:

Free Guest Passes are also a thing! Now these are kinda confusing to understand but this awesome graphic that was floating around on the Facebook Page makes it easier to understand:

DCP Perks Guest Passes


O don’t forget about the awesome discounts too! DCP-ers get discounts on merchandise and on food throughout the parks and in resorts!Discount perk cheat sheet

The perks don’t stop there. But for now, I do. I’m positive i’ve missed some and there will be perks that I discover as i embark on my own DCP Adventure. Stay Tuned for more perks of being a DCP-er.