Prof. Internship Interview

Main Street At Night

Well, today I had my initial professional internship interview for the Yellow Shoes Account Management Internship at the Walt Disney Company. I was beyond nervous going into the interview, but it went well i think. It was a conference call with three current members of the Yellow Shoes team, one was the individual who emailed me to set up the interview, and another was the current intern. The third person was a current account manager as well. They asked me question that were about my expierence. For me this was about my time at Imagewest. I talked about the projects that I have been a part of and the specific roles that I have held. They asked my questions about why i thought i would be a good fit for the position and they asked my what my goals were professionally. I was able to ask them questions as well. I asked three: what would be the next steps?, how would you describe the atmosphere of working at Yellow Shoes? and If i was offered the position, how would the fact that i accepted a position with DCP be handled? They stated that the next steps would be that I will receive an email with the next week or so either way. If I continue then the email would include the next steps. They described the atmosphere as being very collaborative at Yellow Shoes which I like a lot. And lastly, if I was offered the position, the Human Resources department would help me transfer everything over to the Professional Internship.

In the email, there was a 30 minute time slot that they wanted for the internship interview, but the phone call only lasted about 20 minutes. I don’t know whether this is a good thing, maybe I answered the questions well enough that they didn’t need to ask more or is it a bad thing and they didn’t like what they heard so they didn’t bother asking any more questions. Ugh, just like after the DCP phone interview, i get to wait some more. I do find comfort in the fact that I am going to go to Disney regardless of whether i get this internship or not. I am definitely hoping to get the Professional internship at Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group because it would be starting my career and is such an incredible opportunity. But, if i do not get an offer, then I am still beyond excited that I get to participate in the DCP. I can always re apply after DCP for the internship. Send some pixie dust my way!