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  • Graduation Cap Design

    Graduation pooh party

    As move in day for my Disney College Program nears, so does Graduation day! 20 days until graduation, and 29 days until DCP checkin day! With graduation day comes getting to decorate my graduation cap! This is rather exciting since I did not get to design my cap for high school graduation. Choosing the design […]

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  • Rumors About the DCP

    Minnie and Mickey Apples

    Rumors about the DCP swirl around the internet, confusing soon to be DCP-ers about what’s what. But this article from Theme Park Tourist, debunks many of the rumors flying around about the program. It discusses everything from who gets to the Web Based Interview, to the price of rent being too much or whether or not […]

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  • Perks of the DCP

    epcot ball and monorail

    The perks of participating in the DCP are numerous. The ability to learn, earn and live on Disney property is discussed throughout the Disney College Program website. Learning: The DCP grants participants the opportunity to take classes based around the Disney Company. While I will not be taking anything for credit, I do want to […]

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  • WDW: Change is Among Us

    Lightening Mcqueen and Tow Mater Meet and Greet Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Change is a good thing. Thats’s what people say all the time, right? – Is it true though? This blog post is dedicated to my opinions about the changes being made throughout the parks at Walt Disney World. This is one of the hot topics on the Disney College Program Facebook group pages. Specifically, the […]

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  • Prof. Internship Interview

    Main Street At Night

    Well, today I had my initial professional internship interview for the Yellow Shoes Account Management Internship at the Walt Disney Company. I was beyond nervous going into the interview, but it went well i think. It was a conference call with three current members of the Yellow Shoes team, one was the individual who emailed me […]