Prof. Internship at Yellow Shoes

Disney's Yellow Shoes Creative Group

Shortly after applying for DCP, I applied to three professional internships: Account Manager, Disney’s Yellow Shoes; Corporate Alliance Marketing Intern and Marketing Intern, Disney Synergy & Franchise. It wasn’t very long before I was placed into submission for the Corporate Alliance Marketing Internship, which is totally okay. Honestly, I didn’t expect to be considered for any of them. At the time, I was thinking I would be luck to get DCP.

Well, today I was thrown a curve ball. I received an email from an Account Manager at Disney’s Yellow Shoes, for a “30 minute discussion” where they want to learn more about me. 

I am beyond excited, this is an opportunity to get into my dream company. I am anxious to start preparing for the “discussion” on Friday. One thing I have noticed so far, there is not a lot of information about Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group online. I can’t find a website or anything to get an idea about how they work, the dynamic of the agency or anything. I would love to be able o know as much as I can so I am not blindsided. Secondly, I am not one to talk about themselves, so preparing for a conversation about myself is nerve-racking!

I asked my current internship director about how I should prepare. She suggested that I do the following:

-PRINT the job description, my resume and my cover letter that I sent to them to have those to reference.

-formulate a list of tasks I have completed within the past year with specific examples in mind.

-have an “about me” spiel ready

-have my goals lined out, both professionally and otherwise

-think about why i want this specific internship and why i would be a good fit

-Research the Yellow Shoes Creative Group

-Come up with questions

Then I joined the Professional Internship Facebook page where I asked if anyone else had heard anything about the internships I have applied for or if they had any advice for my “discussion” on Friday. No such luck. I did learn that people who have applied for the Yellow Shoes Account Management internship haven’t heard back yet either, in fact my email was the first thing they have seen about it.