Disney Postcard and Disney Look

DCP Postcard

It is feeling real! The past few days I got more stuff from the Walt Disney Company. I got my official Disney Congratulations Postcard! I was a a little nervous that I wasn’t going to get one because a lot of people were saying that in past seasons, those who received postcards and those who did not, were very random. The fact that I got something in print from Disney with my name on it made this whole process feel even more real then it did before.

I also got my Disney Look email. A little while after getting accepted, everyone gets an email with details about following the Disney Look once you arrive to the DCP. During the phone interview, questions regarding whether or not you think you can follow the Disney Look comes up but it is mostly just about whether you have tattoos and piercing and whatnot. Per the Disney Look, tattoos can not be visible when in costume. For some roles, the placement of tattoos could dictate whether your eligible or not, as well as determine what costumes you would be wearing. This email includes more of the general details and the specifics about shoes and costumes!

For me, following the Disney Look won’t be difficult. I don’t have any tattoos or anything. The only thing i have to change is my earrings, since i can wear one earring in each ear at Disney, i’ll have to take my cartilage piercing and my second hole out.

For certain roles, shoes are provided, but for other roles such as merchandising, you have to purchase your own shoes once you find out your specific location. For a planner like me, not being able to have everything I need prior to arriving. But i guess everyone will be in the same boat come check in day.

Disney Look Email