Finding Roommates & Moving to FL!

Fort Wilderness Sign

Well its been a little over two weeks since I got accepted to the DCP program and let me tell you I am still just as excited as when I got the Congratulations email! I was lucky enough to found roommates within that time period as well. As I said before the first day I put my roommate survey out on the Facebook page, I had someone one wanting to be roommates already but it didn’t feel right. I’m glad I went with my gut instinct. The group of girls I will be rooming with seem great! How’d I find them? Well, I actually didn’t do much at all, I commented on one girls roommate survey in the group on Facebook and it turned out that she was already in a group of five who was looking for one more person to join them. After talking to her and another one of the group members who saw I posted on the survey, they asked if I had been added to there group message on Facebook and I was like no? Don’t get me wrong I am super excited to have roommates set and to have been able to find roomies so quickly that I like but shew it was fast. All of a sudden I went from saying hey we have something in common to hey were adding you to our group chat, we like you, your in. Roomie fam complete. There wasn’t a hey you wanna be in our group or anything. It was just yes your in.

But anyway, I am beyond excited to get this adventure started. I began picking up things I’m going to need down there already such as room décor and organization stuff like over the door hangers and what not. I also made these super cute decoupage Disney monogram letters from wooden letters I found at Hobby Lobby and Disney pictures I have from my Disney fact a day calendar!


I’ve been searching online for the perfect bedding and traditions outfit. Trying to find a cute outfit, that is Disney look appropriate that’s not going to be to hot is a challenge.

I have my countdown going! 71 days until move in! Yay! There seems like so much time but it seems like yesterday that I was accepted and its been over two weeks so I know the time is going to fly by. I’ve got a pretty comprehensive pack/need list so far which will help me stay organized. I also have a need to do before leaving for DCP list that keeps growing and growing and growing.

Since my dad will be driving down with me and then flying back, we decided to stay in a Disney resort the night before check in so that we can a) stay on Disney property and be close but b) so my dad can use Disney transportation to the airport the next day. Also we made reservations at Trails End in Fort Wilderness Campground. We choose a seven o’clock time so that we can ride the monorail or watch the water parade or something if time permits! I keep saying I’m excited but it’s the truth! I’m am so excited to get down there and let this adventure begin!


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