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Getting accepted felt like a whirl wind! One moment I’m in the waiting group and now I am trying to find roommates, which let me tell you is an adventure within its self. If you have been following along then you know I wrote my ten facts a while ago. Since I had those and didn’t have to think about them, I posted those in the May 23 arrival date group on Facebook. Within a few minutes I had someone wanting to be roomies! Okay now, I posted my facts and my roommate survey (see below) on Friday afternoon, the day I had surgery and let’s be honest still had a lot of pain medicines in my systems so I wasn’t in the position to clearly think about roomies. I never would of thought that people would already be like let’s be roomies. But I was wrong, there’s groups of people who are already like were living together we need one more or whatever. One girl reached out to me on my roommate survey and wanted to be roomies but, I wasn’t ready to say yes to being roomies. My thinking is that there will be so many more people who will be accepted and get into the same arrival date that its to early to choose roommates. Also, that group of girls didn’t like Vista Way, which is where I think I’m leaning towards wanting to live. I think with this whole process I have to go with my gut, and make sure that I feel confident with whom I choose to live with for seven months!

Side note: I cannot wait to get to WDW and have an adventure of my own. I once read a quote that went along the lines of don’t wish your past away because at one point those choices made you happy and I couldn’t agree more with that, but I can also see that some choices I made led me one way and if I had made a different choice I would be some where else. No one can say that where I would be would be better then where I am. If I made different choices in my past, I could have not gotten DCP. I mean, who knows? But, DCP is my chance to have an adventure of my own and focus on me and what I want which I rather exciting.

Here is my roommate survey I posted. There are multiple versions of the surveys floating around on the pages but this is the pretty much it.

DCP Fall Advantage Roommate Survey
Wellness or Non Wellness: Non-wellness

Name: Chelsea Lynn Ritter
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Birthday/Age: July 19, 1994- ill turn 22 down there!
Social Media::Instagram (@_chelsearitter), or Pinterest (Chelsealritter)!
Current Location: Bowling Green, KY
From: Danville, KY
School: Western Kentucky University
Major: Advertising, graduating in May
Current Job: Coach Gymnastics
Any Allergies?: Nope!
Siblings?: 19 year old sister and 13 year old brother
Pets?: one dog
Are you religious?: eh.

DCP Details
Accepted for WDW or DL?: WDW
Flying or Driving?: Driving
Role: Merch
Program: Fall Advantage
Dates: May 23rd to January 5th
Wellness or Non-wellness?: Non-Wellness
How many people do you want to live with?: 6
Housing Complex?: First vista way, Commons, Chatham, Patterson Last
Alumni?: No

Do you party? How often?: not really, I don’t really go out but would be up to go dancing, grab a drink, hang out and eat lol
Are you sexually active?: nope
Are you okay with having people over during the day?: yes definitely!
Are you okay with people sleeping over?: as long as were following housing rules so that we don’t get termed or anything!
Do you smoke?: Nope
Do you drink?: sometimes
Do you curse?: not in a professional setting or around little ears
Can you cook?: I think so
Are you going to steal my food?: no
Are you going to do the dishes?: yes, my own.
Morning or night person?: either, just depends
Do you snore?: sometimes, and sometimes I talk in my sleep.
Room hot or cold?: cold rather than hot
Lights on or off when sleeping?: if im tired enough it wont matter, but off preferably.
Will you hog the bathroom?: no, I can get ready in the bedroom or living room.
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?: no longer than 30 mins.
Would you rather stay in or go out?: depends on my mood
What do you want to do on your off days?: ADVENTURES! Parks! Explore!
Will we go on adventures together?: Yes, I hope so!
Do you work out?: sometimes
Is your alarm clock annoying?: nope I set two but turn them both off rather quickly
How do you handle bugs?: kill them or take them outside.
How often do you shower?: every night
How organized is your bedroom currently?: organized. Everything has its place.
How clean do you expect the apartment to be?: clean but lived in, not sterile clean. Comfortable.

Three words to describe yourself?: trustworthy, organized, loyal
One good quality?: dependable
One bad quality?: super organized
Are your outgoing or quiet?: depends on who im around and how well I know them
Do you like hanging out with people or do you keep to yourself?: both. I like being around people but value quiet time too.
What do you want in a roommate?: If I could describe my ideal roommate situation, I would live with three or five other girls in an apartment with a bathroom for each room, and only two people per room. We would all go to the parks together and meet for dinner in the parks or at resorts throughout the week. Our phones would end up filled with pictures from our adventures in the parks meeting the characters and whatever else we got into. My ideal roommates would be organized and clean up after themselves. I’ve read about inspections and getting a white glove award is a goal of mine. I want to bond with my roommates and have a friendship that lasts beyond the time spent at the DCP.
What are your biggest pet peeves?: stupid people lol, dishonesty.
Messy or Organized?: Organized
How do you feel about sharing?: ask first.
Favorite thing to do on your day off?: go to parks, hangout, relax.
Favorite Music: Country, or anything but screamo
Favorite Movies: The Little Mermaid, The Good Dinosaur, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Hercules, Aladdin, Tarzan, Up, The Parent Trap and the Incredibles. I’m a Pixar fan if you can’t tell.
Favorite TV Shows: Dexter, Last Man Standing, About A Boy, Once Upon a Time, Hawaii Five O, Luther, Gilmore Girls, Jane the Virgin, Finding Carter, Switched at Birth, and the Fosters.
Favorite Food: Potatoes
Favorite drink: sweet tea, mountain dew
Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Princess: Ariel
Favorite Non-princess character: Mike Wazowski
Favorite Villain: Ursula
Favorite Disney Movie: The Little Mermaid
Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
Favorite Attraction: The Little Mermaid ride

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