The First Wave of Acceptances

Streets of America

10:00 am Walt Disney World acceptances started going out at 9:30 am my time, with A last name. For the first time that we think, WDW is accepting based on an alphabetical system. Screw having an R last name! B last names came about 30 minutes later. Here’s to hoping that each letter is not 30 minutes apart because that would mean I have about 9 hours of waiting to do! Speed up WDW, Speed up! Channel your inner Lighting McQueen!

4:00 pm- So acceptances have gone out all day, but there hasn’t been one for me yet… I say yet because I am hopeful that it will come eventually! Faith, trust and pixie dust right? The alphabetical theory is still a theory since shortly after 10:30 am the end of the alphabet started going out and then the rest was random so who knows. Most if not all of the roles have had at least a few acceptances on the Facebook page. There has only been one merchandise fall advantage acceptance, and we all know that’s one of the biggest areas along with attractions and quick service food and beverage. So there’s hope! I would be more than happy with merchandising that’s for sure! Let’s be honest, I would be happy with any role as long as I was accepted.

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