Acceptance Week?

This could be it, this could be the first acceptance week! Holy Cow!!! Last week there was a Q&A on Twitter with recruiter Marcie and one of the questions was when acceptances were going to start going out. Marcie said THIS WEEK! Whoo! Fingers crossed this is the case. I am beyond excited to hear and really want this opportunity.

This past week a lot of things changed. I have found my self in the position to be able to focus on myself, and shape my future fully based on my own decisions and what I want. The Disney College Program is something that I 100% want to do, the experience would allow me to grow as an individual and begin to work towards the career I want to have one day.

Currently my career goals are based on a Disney College Program Acceptance:

  1. Get into DCP.
  2. Take Seminar courses.
  3. Network with Disney Professionals.
  4. Get a Professional Internship after DCP.
  5. Professional Internship turns into full time position.

Fingers crossed good news comes this week, graduation is in less than three months. If I was lucky enough to get DCP and know what I’m doing past graduation day I would be so relieved and excited!

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