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So the wait continues… no notice yet. Graduation is in just over 100 days, that means I have 100 days to have a job, when I enter the real world. Of course my first choice is DCP! But realistically I have to have a back up plan. If I don’t hear anything within the next week I’m going to have to start applying to internships and jobs. When that point comes, I will definitely be combing through the Disney Professional Internships and applying to any and all that I could be qualified for.

In the meantime, on the Facebook page, many people are still filling out the roommate surveys which I do not plan to do until I am accepted. In fact, I have yet to post anything on the page. The new thing that they are doing now is posting 10 facts about themselves, which I like a whole lot better than the roommate survey. With that being said here’s my list of ten facts:

Ten Facts About Me

  • I graduate from Western Kentucky University this May with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Marketing. I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Costa Rica and would go back in a heart beat.
  • I’m 21 (I’ll turn 22 in July) and can enjoy a drink or two but I don’t drink on a regular basis. Getting drunk isn’t something I necessarily enjoy doing but ill go out dancing and hang out at bars or whatever. I want a non-wellness apartment.
  • My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid, hands down, but some other ones I really like include The Good Dinosaur, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Hercules, Aladdin, Tarzan, Up, The Parent Trap and the Incredibles. I’m a Pixar fan if you can’t tell.
  • I did competitive Gymnastics/Power Tumbling and have coached for 8 years. Its more than a job, I absolutely love it and will miss coaching a lot during my program.
  • I am a total wimp when it comes to suspense (if I’m watching a scary movie be prepared for lots of screams), blood, guts, gore and pain. But, bugs I can handle.
  • My favorite shows include: Dexter, Last Man Standing, About A Boy, Once Upon a Time, Hawaii Five O, Luther, Gilmore Girls, Jane the Virgin, Finding Carter, Switched at Birth, and the Fosters.
  • I value organization, planning, and list making but I aim to be more spontaneous and more ‘go with the flow.’ On the other hand, I am flexible and can adapt easily to change. I don’t do breaking rules/laws though. My Myers Briggs personality type is INTJ.
  • The color purple, sweet tea, Reese Pieces, Mountain Dew, potatoes, BBQ, broccoli and grey lo pro Vans (I’m on my fifth pair) are some of my favorite things. Country music is one of my favorites but I enjoy most music. (not screamo stuff or classical)
  • I like to think that I am pretty balanced between girly girl and tom boy. I enjoy dresses, skirts, make up and my hair straightener but my grey lo pro Vans, football, basketball (Go UK!), going barefoot and being outside are all things I enjoy as well.
  • My goals for my Disney College Program experience is to make the most out of each and every opportunity thrown at me. I want to spend my days off in the parks completing my DCP Bucket List, exploring Orlando, going to the beach or laying by the pool. I want to go to Universal and Sea World, participate in the housing events. DCP is a doorway into the Disney Company and I aim to take advantage of each and every opportunity that could prove beneficial to me personally or professionally.
  • If I could describe my ideal roommate situation, I would live with three or five other girls in an apartment with a bathroom for each room, and only two people per room. We would all go to the parks together and meet for dinner in the parks or at resorts throughout the week. Our phones would end up filled with pictures from our adventures in the parks meeting the characters and whatever else we got into. My ideal roommates would be organized and clean up after themselves. I’ve read about inspections and getting a white glove award is a goal of mine. I want to bond with my roommates and have a friendship that lasts beyond the time spent at the DCP. I am open to most of the housing complexes, if I had to throw one out if would be Patterson because of the fact that it is out of the way, doesn’t have its own bus stop and seems like nothing goes on there. I am open to Vista Way, Chatham or Commons.

Let’s hope I get accepted and will be sharing these facts in search of roommates.

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