The Acceptance Wait Begins

Blue-Green Cinderella's Castle at night

Three days post phone interview.

Ten days since I applied and completed the Web Based Interview.

Too many days waiting, and so many more to go I imagine.

This waiting is agonizing! I understand why we have to wait to find out whether we are accepted or not but I wish it wasn’t this way. People in the Facebook group are telling how they heard back in previous seasons within as little as two days! Now, I think this is probably due to the fact that they had their phone interview close to the two weeks after applications dropped mark. This seems to be when the first round of acceptances and NLIC come out. If that was the case this application period, it would put some sort of notification close to the 26th. I hope this is the case, I want to know one way or the other! Not knowing what I am doing after graduation is stressful. I’m a planner; there’s no if, ands, or buts about it. I know I am. I want to be able to either begin applying for jobs for after graduation or start finding roommates for DCP!!

I find my self second guessing my answers to questions I was asked in the phone interview, wondering if I answered them correctly, or with enough enthusiasm. I keep hoping that I did everything that I can, I know I answered everything well, but I wonder the questions I was asked allowed me to communicate my love for Disney and the reasons for me wanting to the DCP. Ugh, the wait is dreadful!

If your reading this as research of your own for you application, just be ready to wait and then wait some more. Prep as much or as little as you want, it’s up to you! The important thing is that your true to you when answering any of the questions associated with the application process.

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