Phone Interview Day

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Todays is the day of my phone interview! It is set for 8:15 am so I have to be ready for a call by 8:00.

The plan was to leave my house to head to campus to do my interview by 7:30. I wanted a quiet space, where I didn’t have to worry about any distractions. I went outside to start my car around 7:25, and the dang thing wouldn’t start. *commence mini freak out session.* Thank goodness one of my roommates didn’t need there car today so I was able to take there’s. *Shew, crisis adverted.*

I was able to get situated and ready for my interview on campus by 7:45. I sat there stressing until 8:24 am. That’s when my interviewer called. My interviewers name was Tanner. I was beyond nervous, anxious and excited for the interview. Tanner stated from the get-go that we would talk for 20 minutes. Let me tell you something, that 20 minutes flew by like *insert snap* that and he wasn’t kidding about the 20 minutes either. My interview lasted 20 minutes and 15 seconds. It went by a lot faster than I expected and was a lot less painful as I thought it was going to be.

I prepped for the interview like crazy, answering all the questions I could find on the internet. It turns out I hardly had any of the questions I was planning for. Now I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Preparing allowed me to think about the answers that I ended up using, so I’m definitely not regretting the prepping that I did do at all. I was surprised that I didn’t get more questions regarding my top three roles which are attractions, character attendant and merchandise. I had one question regarding convention guide which was why did I chose that role to be in my top five. I also had a question about vacation planner role which was only chosen automatically because of something on my application.

Another thing that caught me off guard in my interview was that I had a question about my Spanish skills, or lack of them. On the resume there was a section about secondary languages. I clicked on Spanish but out of the three options: fluent, conversational and something else which meant that I had some knowledge of Spanish, I choose the later. He asked whether I would be willing to take a Spanish proficiency test upon arrival at WDW and if I passed then I would get a ribbon on my name badge to notify guests that I have some Spanish knowledge. This is something I would love to happen but i’m not sure if I am that proficient in Spanish to be worthy of such a thing. I fear that I would not be able to adequately help someone who only speaks Spanish with my current skills. Therefore, as soon as I know if I get in then I will hit the Spanish hard core books hard! (Side note I already have the app Duolingo downloaded on my phone and use that on a daily basis, so hopefully that helps some!)

My interview consisted mostly of past work experience questions and discusses. Overall I feel good about my interview. The questions I was asked or not asked rather, threw me off but looking back I like my answers and I wouldn’t have changed any answers if I could go back now. So what’s done is done I guess one could say. As Walt Disney once said: “Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.” I am trying to remember this as I enter the waiting game again.

The application process for the Disney College Program is one full of suspense and anyone who knows me knows that I don’t do suspense. When I watch scary movies count on lots of screaming. So I will continuously check my DCP Dashboard and email account, since I finally received an email! Yay! (Original mix up was all my fault. I accidentally entered my email in wrong. Ugh.)

Let’s hope my DCP story doesn’t end anytime soon, rather just the beginning of my fairytale.

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