Pre-Phone Interview

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Two days until my phone interview. I am NERVOUS and pretty sure I have prepped/studied for this more than any test I have had in the past two years. I have compiled a list of questions that I found could be asked and answered each question. I do not plan to have that document in front of me because I want to avoid reading off the paper. But I do think that having answered the questions prior will make it easier. From the questions I answered and the sources i read, i compiled a shortened cheat sheet for the interview.

DCP interview Cheat SheetDCP interview Cheat Sheet2

I also made the decisions to join the Facebook group: DCP Fall/ Fall Advantage 2016. I am still unsure of whether this was a good decision or a bad decision. People are posting in the group questions which are helpful because there are alumni who have been answering the questions. But on the other hand, there is already those people who are attempting to answer each question (when they don’t know for sure what the right answer is) and are posting random things and trying to find roommates already! Sorry but I guess I’m more of a realist. Most of the people in the group wont even get in to the program, heck I don’t know if i’m going to get in. Maybe some people are more confident in themselves, or just don’t care, I don’t know. They can do whatever they want but shew. Plus, this Facebook group is addicting! I have read every post and it gets me even more nervous but excited at the same time. As the process continues, I guess I will see whether or not joining the group this early was a good idea or not. From what I have been seeing so far, the best way to find roommates once accepted is through the Facebook groups that will be set for each arrival day.


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